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Modesto Bankruptcy Creditor Service Lawyer

This office frequently represents both corporate and individual clients as creditors in matters arising under the Bankruptcy Code. We understand the issues involved for a creditor in bankruptcy. Our Modesto, CA bankruptcy creditor service attorneys have experience under various chapters of the bankruptcy code including chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 12 family farmer reorganizations, and Chapter 13 individual debt adjustment cases.

We also represent our creditor clients in motion for relief from the Automatic Stay under Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13. We have also handled confirmation hearings in reorganization bankruptcy cases, cash collateral matters, priority disputes, adversary proceedings, contested matters, non-dischargeable actions, and many other types of bankruptcy litigation. Greenwell Law’s Modesto bankruptcy lawyers familiarity with the bankruptcy laws and rules, and the particular rules for California’s bankruptcy courts, allows us to approach a bankruptcy case and the issues presented in the case from a practical perspective, which is valuable to our clients.

Greenwell Law’s services include:

Filing relief from Stay motions for creditors so that secured creditors can proceed with foreclosure on real property, repossession, and sale of secured collateral, and/or lawsuits against persons/entities who have filed bankruptcy.

Representing creditors in objecting to confirmation of debtors’ proposed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans.

Representing creditors in bringing all types of adversary proceedings against debtors, including actions to keep debts from being discharged in bankruptcy and actions seeking to deny Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtors any discharge.

Preparing and filing proofs of claims for creditors; opposing motions objecting to creditors proofs of claims.

Bringing actions on behalf of a creditor to ask the bankruptcy court to deny a discharge to the debtor where a debtor has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is seeking a Chapter 7 discharge.

Bringing actions on behalf of a creditor to ask the bankruptcy court to hold a creditor’s debt “non-dischargeable” in the debtor’s bankruptcy case.
Defending creditors in preference, fraudulent conveyance, and other actions brought against creditors.

Representing a creditor in a bankruptcy case requires detailed knowledge of federal bankruptcy law, California’s Law, and the local rules of the federal courts in California. For more information or assistance please contact us.